Q: How can I take part in the Breakpoint 2019 Tour?

I’m afraid that all 46 venues have already been chosen. However, it is intended that all participating venues will host at least 1 daily session open to the public. Please visit Breakpoint Route to see your closest participating venue, then contact them directly to check on the daily schedule. We are also encouraging any venue in the UK to show their support by participating in the Breakpoint Challenge.

Q: Are there other ways to get involved?

Yes, if you would like to donate, please visit Breakpoint Just Giving to donate. If you would like to sponsor the event (nationally or locally), please contact Danny on or 07986 880518


Q: What is the Breakpoint Challenge?

It’s a competition for those clubs that are not hosting a Breakpoint Tour event, but still want to show their support. Clubs are encouraged to host their own event, and to donate monies raised to our Just Giving fundraising page. Three clubs that donate to our page will win a tennis date with two GB Davis Cup/Fed Cup pros in 2020. Winning clubs will be chosen by the Bright Ideas for Tennis Trustees, and will take in to account not just the total funds donated, but also the event creativity, and how much social media engagement was gained. All entrants should use the hashtag #takeheartgivehope with all social media posts. All events need to take place between 1st May and 30th June 2019, with all donations reaching our fundraising page by 31st July. Winning clubs will be notified by 30th September 2019.

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Q: What are we raising funds for?

All funds from Breakpoint 2019 will go to the charity Bright Ideas for Tennis, and will be used to increase the number of venues that deliver our ‘I Play 30’ free disability coaching programme. It is currently open to all disability groups throughout the UK, but moving forward, there will be a greater focus on those with mental ill health.

Q: Can any club apply to host an ‘I Play 30’ weekly session?

Yes, please get in touch with Danny Sapsford on if you wish to join our programme.

Q: Can I participate in an ‘I Play 30’ session

Yes, please visit I Play 30 to find the contact details for your closest venue.

Q: Can spectators come to Wimbledon on the 30th June to see the final shots being hit?

I’m afraid not. Tight security and a very small ground capacity means that spectator spaces are extremely restricted, but please visit our latest blog post for regular progress updates.

Q: How are you recording the number of shots played?

Robyn will be using the Swing™ App Tennis Tracker downloaded on to her Apple Watch. The Swing™ App is the world's first social network and smart coach for tennis. And the only Apple Watch App that tracks every point and every shot.

Q: How long will it take to hit 200,000 shots?

Hitting 1 shot approx every 4 seconds, it will take Robyn 240 hours to complete her challenge. That equates to 8 hours per day for 30 consecutive days.

Q: How can I stay informed regarding the Breakpoint Tour?

To keep up to date with how Robyn's challenge is going, please follow us on social media, visit our blog or sign up for our newsletter.